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Kids Coach I North Shore, Auckland NZ + Online

I help kids manage their big emotions and feel good about themselves!
Coaching Projects

Is your child struggling to handle big emotions?

Do you feel their self-confidence could use a boost?

Would you like to see your child

Learning strategies to build their own sense of well being?

Learn tools so they are able to calm their big emotions?

Gain understanding on how their brains work?

Send me an email if you’d like to hear how I can support your child with their emotional well being.

Feeling good about being yourself!

I work with your child to identify their strengths and build on the concept that confidence begins within.


I work with your child to use mindfulness as a way of tuning in with what is currently happening in and around them.

Wellbeing strategies

Well being is about big picture stuff. What areas bring satisfaction to your child, what goals do they have for their lives, and why gratitude is key!

What People Are Saying

Jessica helped my child with strategies to deal with being assertive with a toxic friendship. She now feels able to express herself and knows what good friendships look like. Thank you!



Jessica is so calm and gentle, she helped my child to develop a growth mindset. He no longer cries and gets stressed before a test and knows “mistake are part of learning!”



Josie was feeling worried and stressed about school all the time and felt like she was never good enough. Jessica helped her to identify her strengths and gave her some great strategies to help when she feels stressed!



Blog Posts

Ready to Ditch Overwhelm?

Step 1: We're going to identify what is currently overwhelming you and taking unnecessary headspace. Step 2: We will create solutions, work towards what you WANT. Step 3: Through coaching you'll identify what's holding you back from breakthrough. Step 4: Through my...

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Taking the Driver’s Seat in Your Life.

It’s all about taking the driver's seat in your own life. Not living passively. Making ACTIVE choices...(indecision is also a choice!!!) As a coach I help people to do this, but there are many who would rather sit in the passenger seat of life and never take the wheel...

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Proud of What We Have Achieved!

I am proud of what I've achieved in my coaching business - helping others achieve more in their personal and professional lives. I've helped many woman overcome the limiting beliefs holding themselves back. To see them ACHIEVING, BLOOMING and THRIVING doing what they...

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Inner Health + Physical Health

The language is a little stronger than I world personally use - but I think it's an interesting point - many people will pay attention and money for their external health, eg personal trainer, latest diets, yet when it comes to their INNER work, which I believe...

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Better Results in Life and Business

Just as you'd get better results in the gym with a personal trainer - I'm here to help you make improvements in the other areas of your life that you want to next level in. I am passionate about helping you reach your personal potential. It needs to be a good fit...

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Your ATTITUDE determines your ALTITUDE…

Your attitude determines your altitude... So often we are the ones who put the brakes on our own success. Fears of not 'knowing enough', not 'being enough', not having 'enough'. Let me say this, your attitude is the biggest defining factor of how successful you will...

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