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Kia Ora!

I’m Jessica.

I work with go-getters (usually mums in biz!) on Auckland’s North Shore and ONLINE who often feel taken advantage of in business and struggle with allowing themselves to set clear boundaries in their business that allow them to maximise their profit and guard their time. 

I love working with women like you because I see firsthand the AMAZING changes that come into your business and life as a result of establishing clear boundaries – instead of less, you have MORE of what you want!

My coaching programme helps you make changes that lead to increased profitabilty and more time for what’s really important to you (like your kids!)

I work with clients face to face, as well as Zoom for those who are not local or who prefer to work from home. We deal with the main issues coming up are in your business and get to the root cause for transformation.

You will become empowered to set the bar exactly where you want it when it comes to your profits and client expectations and not feel guilty about it…and bonus: people will LOVE you for it!




I work with high achievers and action-takers. I want you to get clear with yourself and understand that change takes action. If you are ready to take action to optimise your business and life for increased profit and personal satisfaction, then send me a message via the contact form below. 


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Based on Auckland’s North Shore, New Zealand