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Kia Ora,

A little about me and what led me to coaching. 

I have always been interested in self-improvement. I started reading all kinds of self-help books from a young age and always found it inspiring that we can always grow and change! In fact, change is inevitable!

However, there are things we can influence in our lives and that’s where my interest in coaching began. I was feeling very stuck and powerless in a work situation abroad. I didn’t have my usual “toolkit” and this led me to burnout. 

I never expected to burnout but I actually see it as a gift now. A forced slow down and reflective period that led me to really question the path I was on and where I was headed – nothing negative in particular, but I wasn’t charting my own course, it rather felt like I was being blown about in the wind.

During this time, I decided to add coaching skills to my toolkit, to help myself primarily, and then, eventually others!

I am a teacher by trade and becoming a coach was a natural progression as a question asker! I now work part time as a coach alongside a successful teaching career that I love.




Clients find coaching a really worthwhile process. I am really good at helping you gain insight into your situation and helping you realise the changes you seek. As a coach, I will listen deeply to what you are saying and reflect what you are saying back to you through a variety of strategies. It’s really an investment in yourself and something everyone can benefit from.


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