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Seven Tips to Beat The Sunday Teacher Blues
Sick of your job, that manager, co-worker or sick of struggling through the day? You may have the Sunday Teacher Blues!

Imposter Syndrome in Teachers
The worst part – they are too embarrassed to tell anyone and they suffer alone, thinking that everyone else is doing a better job than they are. How counterproductive is that!

From Teacher to Corporate Trainer
Making the transition from classroom teaching to corporate training is easier than many people might imagine. Teachers already have the bulk of skills you need for being a professional corporate trainer.

Is it possible to resuscitate my teaching career?
Aside from counting down until the next vacation, quitting sadly has become your major daydream. You don’t even know yourself anymore, this isn’t what you signed up for. You start to wonder, is it possible to resuscitate my career?

Agony Aunt Letters from Teachers
I want to encourage you today that you are a GOOD TEACHER doing the best you have with what you have been given. It’s also worth noting that being a good teacher doesn’t mean you need to stay in a profession that isn’t working for you anymore.

Reasons I’m Better Off After Leaving Teaching
“Starting a new job is like starting a new relationship.  In the beginning, you’re just getting to know each other, and as time goes on, you decide if you’ll go long term. Sometimes, you realize you love your partner, but the relationship just isn’t healthy. This is what happened to me with teaching: though our relationship had wonderful moments, I became increasingly unhappy, and decided to end it”.

Coaching Package for Teachers in Transition
I coach and support teachers who are ready to transition to a new career to know how they can identify and apply their skills to become happier and more successful individuals and for those in business – successful businesswomen.
Packages from 3x 60 minute sessions incl. workbooks and materials – ready to uplevel?
Bonus: Email/text support.
Book here or a free breakthrough call and to discuss your situation with me personally.

How to Survive a Pay Cut When Changing Career
“At 35, I plan to leave my job as a teacher … and go to graduate school (new career field). While I expect to receive an assistantship, I know it will be difficult to go from $50,000 a year to under $20,000. Do you have any advice or suggestions on adjusting to a lower income and stretching those dollars farther?”

Teacher becomes Doctor
“I took the necessary pre-requisite science classes—physics, chemistry, organic chemistry and others—at night and during summers while I was teaching at Sunnyslope High,” she explains. “Then I decided to truly pursue medicine as a career and joined the second class of the University of Arizona College of Medicine, Phoenix Campus.”

Creating a Programme for Children
While Alexa is not an ex-teacher, you can see how you can gain inspiration of how to transfer your teaching skill set to setting up a private program.

Parents Want Their Children Taught Life Skills
In this article you see some possibilities to create a programme addressing these needs.


Self-directed course with FB support
Are you looking for other options and ways to use your existing teaching skills?
Are you determined to find a better work-life balance through your career choices?
This course provides the structure tired teachers need to get them on their way!
Take a look at the course, it provides excellent value at €29!

Beginning Inquiries for Teachers with Transferable Skills created by Certified Coach Jessica Zonneveld (FREE)
This is a document to use with your journal to get the ball rolling in terms of idea generation and ensuring your next career choice will fulfill you in the way you desire. I recommend making a nice tea or coffee, and having some ‘me time’ to reflect on them.

Teacher Self Coaching Journal Reboot or Redirect Your Career  created by Jessica Zonneveld –  paid resource, €3
It’s so important to take stock of your career and make active choices about whether to stay, go, or as I like to call it ‘reboot’ or ’redirect’. I hope this guide will be useful for you as you begin this first stage of reflecting on your career and what you want in the future.

Links and Tools for Career Planning
Various links and online tools to help you make career decisions.

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